Who we are / How We Work

Who we are



Eclectic Store is a small company located in the heart of the city of Brussels in the Dansaert district since September 2016.

But first, where does the name Eclectic come from?

Eclectic in English, Eclectic in French, which means: Who does not adopt a particular doctrine but chooses, in the different systems, the opinions which seem to him the most just, Which is of a non-systematic, welcoming disposition and which adopts what seems good to him in a set of ideas, of opinions.

In short, we do not like to have a single vision, a label, a single range, a single genre, we prefer to be dynamic, in perpetual movement, in parallel with what is happening, surfing the trends, seeking to highlight those who deserve it.

Why Eclectic Store?

Maybe the start was just questions:
Who is he?
What are these sneakers?
Where can I buy?
What are these logos?
What is this clip?
Which movie is this?
Who is this artist?
What is this T-shirt?
Where can I buy?
How do we print t-shirts?

After careful consideration, observations, studies, comparisons, assembly of files, presentations, administrative assistance, search for premises, expectation, hope and perseverance, the store was born.

The shop is therefore the image of our passions: art, textiles, fashion and Sneakers.
It’s a child's dream to run a store mixing the passions that have built us

The store is gradually evolving and expanding thanks to the trust established over time with our customers.

A future redevelopment phase is soon planned to offer more clarity, more visibility, more articles, more storage space with the final and permanent opening of the basement which will host future cultural events as well as the various artistic works deposited by local artists.



How we work


The owner of the item comes to the store to make a deposit (free), we check if the item is legitimate and if it comes with everything (receipt, mail, additional laces, tote bag, etc.), fix a price and on this price we add our different commissions.

All items in the shop had a one month limit period, at the end of the month the owner is contacted to take back his item otherwise he lowers the price because the contract is postponed for only one month.


Price asked from 0 euros to 100 euros we add 30% on Asked Price.

Price asked from 101 euros to 300 euros we add 25% on Asked Price.

Price asked from 301 euros to 800 euros we add 20% on Asked Price.

Price asked from 801 to 1000 euros we add 15% on Asked Price.

Price asked Over 1001 euros, we add 10% on Asked Price.

Thank you for everything.
Eclectic Store.